benefits of organic agave nectar
Introduction   In an industry that generates billions of dollars annually, the market share of Agave in the alternative sweeteners industry is substantial. Agave plants are primarily indigenous to the hot and dry regions of Mexico. Some species range from the Southern United States and reach the tropical climates of South America. A variety of agave plants are used to make agave products, and these species are utilized in the production of numerous consumer products.Read More
Is Agave Syrup Vegan?
Introduction   Agave nectar is a unique, delicious ingredient you can use in a variety of recipes for foods and drinks. It is highly soluble in most dishes at low temperatures and has a sweet, pleasant taste that goes with lots of different types of ingredients very well. It can also be used in some vegan agave recipes, because agave syrup is, in fact, quite vegan-friendly. Read on to find out why.   Definition ofRead More
Organic Agave Plant
Introduction   Organic agave syrup is a natural sweetener derived from the core of the blue agave plant. It’s excellent for sweetening oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, yogurt, waffles and other great dishes. It is also delicious in a series of beverages such as iced tea, smoothies, or cocktails because it dissolves well in cold drinks. There are plenty of great recipes that use Agave syrup. But…what does organic mean? And how would you know if itRead More
What is agave inulin?
 Introduction   What is agave inulin? In brief: this is a carbohydrate and natural sweetener with potential health benefits. It can be used both in everyday life as a prebiotic and food supplement as well as in cooking. It does not contain any sugar, so it’s a great choice for diabetics. What is a “prebiotic”? A prebiotic is defined as an indigestible food ingredient that benefits the host by stimulating the growth and activity ofRead More
sugar agave conversion
Introduction: Sugar Agave Conversion   Agave nectar, also called agave syrup, is a sweetener made from a number of varieties of agave, including blue agave and agave salmiana. Most agave nectar comes from Central America, the southern parts of the United States and the northern parts of South America. Agave syrup is sweeter than honey and makes for an excellent substitute for other sugars. It has a very low glycemic index (GI) meaning that its sugars areRead More
How to use agave nectar in baking
How to Easily Use Agave Nectar in Cooking and Baking   The popularity of agave has increased exponentially over the last few years and soon we will be offered agave products as an alternative to sugar not only in private places but also while we are eating our lunch in a restaurant or drinking a coffee in a cafeteria. Because of its low GI (Glycemic Index), many are now looking for additional information about bakingRead More