Wholesale Bulk Organic Agave Sweet Powder

Organic Agave Sweet Powder

Our wholesal Agave Sweet powder is a sweetener produced from the Tequilana Weber Agave.
Due to its high fructose content Agave Sweet powder is 30% sweeter than refined sugar and has a low glycemic index.
This powdered Agave contains agave inulin by nature, a prebiotic fiber which makes it one of the most complete organic sweeteners available in the market.


• Flavor enhancer
• Low GI
• Gluten free
• 25 % sweeter than refined sugar
• GMO & allergens free
• Vegan


• Dairy Industries
• Food industry
• Fruit products
• Beverages
• Confectionary Industry
• Ingredients

Organic Granulated Agave Powder

Industrial Options


At Naturel we offer our bulk Organic Agave Sweet Powder in 25 kg and can ship in bulk. Below is an example of the packaging we provide.

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Where does our Organic Sweet Agave Powder come from?


Our bulk sweet agave powder is grown, harvested and produced in Jalisco Province, Mexico; where it has been cultivated locally for hundreds of years in the mineral rich volcanic soil.

The Jalisco region is world famous for its Blue Agave plants (also known as agave tequiliana) which stretch across the rolling hillsides, benefiting from the abundant rainy season and arid summer temperatures. The local farmers harvest the inner pineapple (or pina) of the Agave plant and distill its milky starch to produce the natural fructose based syrup, which locals have been using as a sweetener and as a base for the famous drink Tequila ever since the region was first settled in pre-Hispanic times.

Nutritional and Health Information


The natural sweetness of powdered agave makes it an excellent and healthy alternative to sugar and processed sugar substitutes. Due to it’s low-glycemic nature it can be used to sweeten drinks, desserts, smoothies or cereals without effecting your body’s blood sugar level, making it the perfect natural sweetener for diabetics and for those who do not wish to consume refined sugar or chemical alternatives.

Another great benefit of wholesale Agave nectar powder is that, due to the Agave plant being naturally high in inulin, it acts as a powerful natural pre-biotic and a fantastic source of dietary fibre which helps balance your body’s natural bacteria and micro flora keeping your digestive system in tip top condition; along with its natural antioxidant and gluten-free properties, this makes powdered Agave one of the most nutrient rich sweetening products available.


If you have any questions on our organic Agave products, you can access a whole list of FAQs here.