All-natural sweetener with a low glycemic index.



Our blue agave inulin powder from the agave plant.



An excellent and healthy alternative to sugar and substitutes.


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What is Agave?

Our agave products are derived from agave plants from Mexico, in the region of Jalisco where it is farmed organically and then used to produce organic agave syrup, organic agave inulin and organic sweet agave powder. Local people from Mexico call it „aguamiel”, it is very sweet and it has been used in various traditional foods as a sweetener instead of sugar or honey. The agave plant from which the agave products are extracted, is a large plant with spikes looking almost like a cactus. In order to produce the agave products, farmers need to grow the plant on average for 7 – 10 years. Then the leaves are cut off and they use only the middle in order to extract the juice.

What can organic Agave products be used for?

Agave products have become extremely popular as people look for a more healthy alternative to sugar. There are now a huge variety of products containing organic blue agave, with some examples being chocolate, granola, soda and energy bars. Agave sweeteners can be used in various culinary products such as biscuits, ice cream or cookies. In addition, as it can successfully replace honey, it is a good alternative for vegans or those on raw foods diets to use in their dishes. When it comes to flavor, organic agave syrup does not alter the taste of the foods it is used for, having a clear and clean sweetness. Our full guide on using Agave products can be found here.