The Naturel West Corp. EU is committed to offer products made through the highest quality standard processes, that is the reason why we obtained our organic and safety certifications at an international level. As a global, multicultural company, we have certifications that assure the consumption of our products in over 40 countries around the world, including The United States, France, Brazil, and Japan.

Quality Policy

At The Naturel West Corp. EU our primary commitments are as follows: to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients by making agave products that fulfill the international quality and safety standards; to prevent environmental pollution; to care for the health and integrity of our partners, employees and customers; to prevent emergencies and attend them; to fulfill and promote social responsibility among our groups of interest, which is stated in our Code of Conduct, as well as to ensure the fulfillment of legal requirements, regulations, and contractual.

With those commitments and our quality centered focus, we guarantee the continuous improvement of our processes, our products, and our personnel, always supporting the social, economic, and environmental benefits of all interested parts.

Food Safety

Purpose: Food safety Scope: International. Agave syrup, flavored agave syrup, agave inulin Certifying body: Global standards


Social and Environmental